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Lucifer Fawkes: Orcus Ex Machina Page 31 - The End

Comic #33

Author's Comment

Writer: Ulf Imwiehe
Artist: Ryan Sergeant
Cover Art: Brett Weldele
Created by Brian Meredith

666 hostages trapped inside their splendid home. An unholy sacrifice in the making. And the bomb is ticking...

A haven only to the wealthiest of the Cosmopolis' upper crust, Fable Towers marks the evolutionary peak of architecture and computer technology. Erect in the center of the city, this palatial, skyscraping Beacon of Tomorrow is inhabited by an exclusive elite of a few hundred people whose well-beings and whims are all catered to by ENV 12 (Enhanced Native Vigil-System 12) - the most advanced computer system outside space and military programs.

ENV 12 is a landmark in Artificial Intelligence.

ENV 12 is a Gate to Hell.

Can Lucifer Fawkes outrace the clock as he fights to prevent a demonic force from tearing down the very walls of reality? Find out in this high-octane Modern Pulp Tale of Techno-Horror, Shamanism and all-out Action!

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