Cindy and Her Obasan – Free Online Comic

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Created by George Gladir & Stan Goldberg • Written by George Gladir • Pencilled by Stand Goldberg
Inked by Bob Smith • Lettered by John Workman • Cover Colored by Mike Garcia

“Cindy and Her Obasan” blends the classic Cinderella fairy-tale concept with modern Japanese pop culture. Cindy is a spirited ten-year-old who has inexplicably been assigned a Japanese fairy godmother, for in today’s global economy FGM Inc. can assign its fairy godmothers anywhere.

George Gladir is the creator of Sabrina, The Teenage Witch, along with Stan Goldberg and Bob Smith, been creating many fine Archie comics over the years.

“The story is well paced and, again, the dynamic style carries it through from first to last. It is definitely something for the young and young at heart.”
- David L. LeBlanc,

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Sprecken: The Destiny Dance – Free Online

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Having been stranded in the future, Sprecken has managed to make a life for himself as a PI, trying to blend in and adjust. Still, he has doubts and questions about the direction his new life is headed. Something’s missing and she may have just walked through the door…

Will this mysterious damsel in distress be the answer to all his questions, or will she be the cause of all his doubts?

Writers: Brian Meredith and Brad Taylor
Pencils: Rick Forgus
Inks: James Taylor
Greyscales: Joe D’Adamo
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“There’s a lot to like about Sprecken: Rick Forgus’ art style compares favorably with Bruce Timm of Batman Adventures, and even looks to be drawn on black paper. Forgus articulates action scenes well…”
- Alan Rankin, Poopsheet

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Welcome to

This website is a part of the Rorschach Entertainment ( and is the site where we will be posting our past books for free online as we move into the future of new titles. Basically we wanted to give our past fans a little gift allowing them to try some new books that they might not have picked up in the past. As well as giving potential new fans a chance to read books they might have missed – you may never have seen one of our titles at your local comic shop.

We’re are launching this site with 4 different titles fully up on the site to read. Then we will be launching a new book every month, with updates on weekdays, until we’ve exhausted out back catalog. So keep checking back at every month for something new.

In the future we’ll be launching brand new comics exclusive to the internet as well as other digital outlets, as we feel digital is the future for the survival of independent comics. Though everything will eventually see print, as we’ve got ink in our blood and need to feel it on our hands.

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