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Lucifer Fawkes: Blood Flow – Free Online Comic

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Written by C. William Russette • Art by Ryan Sergeant • Cover by Shane White
Lucifer Fawkes, Keeper of the Realm, hates games.

Demons and their ilk thrive on them. Man is little more than sport. Those that stand between man and demon; the ghouls and werewolves, children of demons and meta-nature, lust for patricide.

Dr. Moses Fowler, man-made ghoul and genius, strikes a bargain with the brother of the former Werewolf king – Abraham Thorpe. They set plans in motion that pit Lucifer Fawkes quest for exorcism and Mr. Gooseberry’s perversions on a collision course ending with red, wet results.

“Lucifer Fawkes is a highly satisfying read. It looks great, the writing is direct and effective and the production is professional.”
- Darren Schroeder,

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